Thursday, March 29, 2012

Session #5 at O'Neill's Pizza Pub


Well, it was a slower session, but we had a few good ideas that we got started.  Hopefully, we'll be able to develop them further in the next session.

There's no session for the first week of April, so you'll have to catch on the second one!  In the meantime, enjoy these:

 DND310312Roc-1  "The Food Process"
 DND310312Roc-2  "Matchead"
 DND310312Roc-3  "Grunge"
 DND310312Roc-4  "Hocus Pocus"
 DND310312Roc-5  "The Man-Eating Hippo Show"
 DND310312Roc-6  "In the Bamboo Jungle"
DND310312Roc-7  "Lava Hypnosis"

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