Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Session #4 at Bilotti's Italian Village


This session was a bit smaller, but it still had plenty of spirit!  We started off at Bilotti's Italian Village just downtown.  It was alright, but it lacked an atmosphere conducive to our designs.  So, we packed it up and moved down to O'Neill's Pizza Pub.  What a difference!  Not only were we able to come up with a few good ones, but we may have also found a regular spot for biweekly sessions!  (More on that later.)

DND24032012Roc-1  "Rules of Drink N Draw"
 DND24032012Roc-2  "Comic Tease"
 DND24032012Roc-3  "Stagecoach & Willow Tree"
DND24032012Roc- 4  "Abstract Christmas?"
 DND24032012Roc-5  "Curly Bill"
 DND24032012Roc-6  "NRA Mascot"
 DND24032012Roc-7  "Do It If You Dare"
 DND24032012Roc-8  "Fish & Worm"
 DND24032012Roc-9  "Showdown"
 DND24032012Roc-10  "Fantasy Shire"
 DND24032012Roc-11  "Contemplation"
 DND24032012Roc-12  "Eye of Pearl"
 DND24032012Roc-13  "Thou Shalt EAT HOT DOG!"
DND24032012Roc-14  "A Face in Four Parts"

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