Possibly Asked Questions

We haven't had a lot of questions yet, so we decided to see if we couldn't answer some of the ones that you might be asking about Drink N' Draw.

If you don't see the answer to your question below, please leave a comment or send an email.  Thanks!


When is it?
For session dates and times, check out the Sessions page or look out for notices on the Home page!
Where is it?
For session locations, check out the Sessions page or look out for notices on the Home page!
What should I bring?
We usually have plenty of drawings supplies to share (paper, pens, pencils, crayons, etc.). However, we would be very grateful if each person brought some of their own to add to the mix.

What are we going to do?
Often, we simply do an Open Draw and maybe a Story Board. But, we have other games and gimmicks to help keep things lively. Check out our Games and Gimmicks for details.
But, I'm not a very good drawer.
Okay, so that's not really a question. But, we still have a response. There is NO skill required! All that's needed is your interest. And, who knows? You might find skills you didn't even know you have, or learn new ones!
Do I have to drink?
Drinking is not required. Keep in mind, though, that drinking alcohol is an option for those of legal drinking age. Drink N' Draw encourages everyone to drink safely and legally. Those not doing so will not be welcomed to future sessions.
What happens to the pictures?
Usually, the group leaders take the pictures home and post them on the web. Unless a specific request is made, it is assumed that all drawings made by multiple authors at Drink N' Draw are the property of Drink N' Draw's leaders for the purpose of promotion.

If you would like to keep any of the pictures that you have contributed to, please speak to one of the leaders at the session. As long as there are no contentions, the picture will be reserved for you and you may receive it at the following session (so that we are able to scan it and put it on the blog first).

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