Thursday, March 29, 2012

Session #5 at O'Neill's Pizza Pub


Well, it was a slower session, but we had a few good ideas that we got started.  Hopefully, we'll be able to develop them further in the next session.

There's no session for the first week of April, so you'll have to catch on the second one!  In the meantime, enjoy these:

 DND310312Roc-1  "The Food Process"
 DND310312Roc-2  "Matchead"
 DND310312Roc-3  "Grunge"
 DND310312Roc-4  "Hocus Pocus"
 DND310312Roc-5  "The Man-Eating Hippo Show"
 DND310312Roc-6  "In the Bamboo Jungle"
DND310312Roc-7  "Lava Hypnosis"

P.S.  Don't forget to check out the latest Story Board!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Session #4 at Bilotti's Italian Village


This session was a bit smaller, but it still had plenty of spirit!  We started off at Bilotti's Italian Village just downtown.  It was alright, but it lacked an atmosphere conducive to our designs.  So, we packed it up and moved down to O'Neill's Pizza Pub.  What a difference!  Not only were we able to come up with a few good ones, but we may have also found a regular spot for biweekly sessions!  (More on that later.)

DND24032012Roc-1  "Rules of Drink N Draw"
 DND24032012Roc-2  "Comic Tease"
 DND24032012Roc-3  "Stagecoach & Willow Tree"
DND24032012Roc- 4  "Abstract Christmas?"
 DND24032012Roc-5  "Curly Bill"
 DND24032012Roc-6  "NRA Mascot"
 DND24032012Roc-7  "Do It If You Dare"
 DND24032012Roc-8  "Fish & Worm"
 DND24032012Roc-9  "Showdown"
 DND24032012Roc-10  "Fantasy Shire"
 DND24032012Roc-11  "Contemplation"
 DND24032012Roc-12  "Eye of Pearl"
 DND24032012Roc-13  "Thou Shalt EAT HOT DOG!"
DND24032012Roc-14  "A Face in Four Parts"

Monday, March 12, 2012

Session #3 at Fiesta Mexicana


     Our third session was held at the festive Fiesta Mexicana, and it was great!  The pictures got a little crazy, but they kept flowing.  Also, we ended up with quite a bit more than previous sessions.

     The location ended up suiting our purpose just fine, but it might get a little cramp if more people are to show on later occasions.  We'll continue to sample Rochester's venues for the time being.  Any suggestions for an open group like ours, who's looking to hang out for a few hours, would be more than welcome!

     In the meantime, enjoy the pictures!

DND150312Roc-1  "Presidential Pandering"
 DND150312Roc-2&3  "Suicide Ledge"; "Chuck Starr & the..."
DND150312Roc-4&5  "Fruit Nightmares"; "Maestro Gustavo & The Misfit Orchestra"
 DND150312Roc-6&7  "Sneez-a-liscious"; "The Ides of March"
 DND150312Roc-8  "A Pirate's Tale"
 DND150312Roc-9  "A Scary Bedtime"
 DND150312Roc-10  "The Secret Lair"
 DND150312Roc-11  "Welcome to the Fun House"
 DND150312Roc-12  "Thumb Wrestling"
 DND150312Roc-13  "Poor Birdman!"
 DND150312Roc-14  "Inside Jokes"
 DND150312Roc-15  "Facial Distress"
 DND150312Roc-16  "Ghoulish"
 DND150312Roc-17  "Multi-facial"
DND150312Roc-18  "Frankenstein Collective #1"

Session #2 at Whistle Binkie's Olde World Pub


Well, it's on its way now, folks!  Session #2 held up the momentum with another grand total of 5 contributors.  We hammered out another story board (on the story board page) and a few other drawings you might like.

This time around, we met at Whistle Binkie's Olde World Pub, up off of North Broadway.  It had a fun atmosphere, and quite a selection of drinks.  However, there was a large crowd and a waiting time to get a table.  Hopefully, the next venue will be a little more open.

 DND070312Roc-1  "Work Accident"
 DND070312Roc-2  "Road Kill"
 DND070312Roc-4  "And so, the seasons change."
 DND070312Roc-5  "Love Song"
 DND070312Roc-6  "Intimate Affairs"
 DND070312Roc-7  "The Face of Destiny"
DND070312Roc-8  "...I'd eat the sky."