Gimmicks and Games

There are different ways to go about a Drink N' Draw session.  Here are some of the ways we try to keep things spicy.

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Open Draw - This is the traditional way.  There are no rules, except that we all must work collectively (everyone adding to each others' drawings).  Usually, we try to get everyone to add to every picture started, although it may not work out that way.

Themed Draw - Sometimes, we just don't have any ideas.  So, to get over that drawer's block, why not work on a theme?  By eliminating the process of choosing a subject, we can free ourselves to work on our interpretations!

Story Board - Always a crowd favorite!  Split the page into squares.  Draw in the first square with the beginning of the story, then pass it on.  A different person fills in each square until the story is finished.

Blind Builder - Another fun idea!  Choose the subject (animal, person, alien, building, etc.), then draw the top portion of it on the top of the page.  Fold it over, leaving only the very bottom of what was drawn visible, then pass it on.  Each person fills in the next part without looking at what has already been drawn.  At the end, open up the page and...Voila!

Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) - Coming soon!  Check out this site for more information.

Controlled Collaborative - Coming soon!  Check back later for more information.

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