What It Is

This is a social drawing group. Every week or two, we get together at a local establishment and participate in a collective drawing experience.

Most of our works are free range where one contributor begins and others add with whatever they see fit. At times, we do gimmicks and themes to help bring out the muses.  But, nothing is obligatory.  People can come for the socializing, for the drawing or both.

This group is as much social as it is about drawing. Whether meeting in a coffee shop, restaurant or bar, we seek to maintain an open and welcoming atmosphere.

This idea was brought here from Seoul, South Korea by Mr. James Austin. He learned it from Mr. Garth Serjeantson who had brought it with him from Ontario, Canada. Where it had been, prior to that, one may only guess. It is our hope that in sharing it with our community, it will once again find its way on to new and more exotic places.

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