Monday, March 12, 2012

Session #2 at Whistle Binkie's Olde World Pub


Well, it's on its way now, folks!  Session #2 held up the momentum with another grand total of 5 contributors.  We hammered out another story board (on the story board page) and a few other drawings you might like.

This time around, we met at Whistle Binkie's Olde World Pub, up off of North Broadway.  It had a fun atmosphere, and quite a selection of drinks.  However, there was a large crowd and a waiting time to get a table.  Hopefully, the next venue will be a little more open.

 DND070312Roc-1  "Work Accident"
 DND070312Roc-2  "Road Kill"
 DND070312Roc-4  "And so, the seasons change."
 DND070312Roc-5  "Love Song"
 DND070312Roc-6  "Intimate Affairs"
 DND070312Roc-7  "The Face of Destiny"
DND070312Roc-8  "...I'd eat the sky."

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