Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pilot Session - 26 February 2012


Our first Rochester, MN session was quite successful!  With a total of five contributors all ready to make some beautiful (and silly) art, we hammered out 12 items for your perusing, plus a storyboard!

The meeting took place at Dunn Bros. Coffee on Elton Hills Dr.  It's a very suitable location in terms of menu (they have a fair amount of food in addition to beverages), size and lighting.  Before settling down there, though, I think we'll try out a few other locations.  Perhaps, something with some drinks?

DND260212Roc-1  "Battle of the Bands?"
 DND260212Roc-2  "Nothing to see here, folks."
 DND260212Roc-3  "Too Cool for School"
 DND260212Roc-4  "Chaperone"
 DND260212Roc-5&7  "Excitement"; "Anime"
 DND260212Roc-6&9  "Eye Beat"; "Evil Domination"
 DND260212Roc-8&10  "Perspective #1"; "Perspective #2"
 DND260212Roc-11&12  "Constipated"; "'Reality' TV"

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