Monday, March 12, 2012

Session #3 at Fiesta Mexicana


     Our third session was held at the festive Fiesta Mexicana, and it was great!  The pictures got a little crazy, but they kept flowing.  Also, we ended up with quite a bit more than previous sessions.

     The location ended up suiting our purpose just fine, but it might get a little cramp if more people are to show on later occasions.  We'll continue to sample Rochester's venues for the time being.  Any suggestions for an open group like ours, who's looking to hang out for a few hours, would be more than welcome!

     In the meantime, enjoy the pictures!

DND150312Roc-1  "Presidential Pandering"
 DND150312Roc-2&3  "Suicide Ledge"; "Chuck Starr & the..."
DND150312Roc-4&5  "Fruit Nightmares"; "Maestro Gustavo & The Misfit Orchestra"
 DND150312Roc-6&7  "Sneez-a-liscious"; "The Ides of March"
 DND150312Roc-8  "A Pirate's Tale"
 DND150312Roc-9  "A Scary Bedtime"
 DND150312Roc-10  "The Secret Lair"
 DND150312Roc-11  "Welcome to the Fun House"
 DND150312Roc-12  "Thumb Wrestling"
 DND150312Roc-13  "Poor Birdman!"
 DND150312Roc-14  "Inside Jokes"
 DND150312Roc-15  "Facial Distress"
 DND150312Roc-16  "Ghoulish"
 DND150312Roc-17  "Multi-facial"
DND150312Roc-18  "Frankenstein Collective #1"

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  1. Wow, You guys have some pretty amazing artists! Keep up the good work