Sunday, April 22, 2012

Alternate Session #1 at Mac's Cafe

Our FIRST Alternate Session!

We tried a couple new things today, and they worked quite well!

First, you may notice the attendance is a little different.  We decided to draw each others' avatars rather than our own, and then give a response to the question, "What's your famous F-word?"
A little mad, perhaps, but delightfully entertaining!

The other thing is that we tried a more controlled collaboration today.  Instead of everyone diving in right away on the drawing, we all took a step-by-step approach, trading off papers at each step.

There are only four pictures from this week, but they all turned out quite well!

 DND250412Roc-1 'Crazy Town?'

DND250412Roc-2 'Wheelin' & Dealin''
 DND250412Roc-3 'Devil Puppet Opera'

 DND250412Roc-4 'Fantasie Enfantine'

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